The Games explained

  • New discipline – Snowboard Big Air brings big jumps, huge risks and breathtaking tricks

    Of all the snowboard disciplines, the newest addition to the Olympic Winter Games programme is perhaps the most spectacular. In big air, competitors speed down a large hill much like a ski jump, before launching themselves skywards for around two-and-a-half seconds of trick-pulling, board-grabbing, airborne magic. They have pulled out all the stops for PyeongChang 2018,

  • PyeongChang 2018 – the Ultimate Guide

    102 events. 15 disciplines. Thousands of competitors, each with their own stories just waiting to be told. For 18 days in February, viewers around the world will turn their attention to the towns of PyeongChang and Gangneung in the Republic of Korea, where athletes from over 80 countries will compete for the largest number of medals ever

  • 2018 Olympic Winter Games – Virtual Medal Table – Insight 2

    Japan is November’s big winner The new Virtual Medal Table has been released today, including the results of the last month and also reflecting the recent IOC rulings. Japan is the big winner in November with an increase from 11 to 14 medals and two more golds, taking the Tokyo 2020 hosts into the virtual

  • 2018 Olympic Winter Games – Virtual Medal Table – Insight 1

    Latests Insights – France on target for record-breaking Winter Olympics The Virtual Medal Table is projecting a total of 21 medals (9 gold, seven silver and five bronze) for the French team at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. If they were to achieve anywhere near this total, it would break the country’s record for

  • Sport guide – Luge: finding the right line at lightning speed with frightening risks

    Luge is the fastest of the sledding sports, with athletes taking the traditional sledging position – feet first – to extremes. Flattening themselves into an aerodynamic position in a streamlined race suit, they reach speeds of around 140kph. Steering is performed by flexing the calves onto the sled runners to direct their line. Only those that

  • Dominant Norway top Winter Games medal table

    Norway top the medal table when it comes to the Olympic Winter Games. While the Scandinavian nation has a tally of 148 medals in total during its history at the Summer Games, it has amassed nearly that number of golds alone when it comes to the Winter Games. The collection stands at 118 gold and