• tokyo-2020-mascots
    Tokyo 2020 mascot names are revealed!

    We already knew what the Tokyo 2020 mascots looked like, now we now what they are called: say hello to Miraitowa and Someity. Miraitowa, who is blue and white, is the Olympic mascot whilst cherry-and-white-coloured Someity is the Paralympic counterpart. For the first time, the world was able to see them as they made their inaugural

  • Candles, flowers, and photos of the assassinated Kazakhstan's Olympic figure skater Denis Ten are seen at the makeshift memorial in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
    Emotional farewell as memorials are held for Kazakh skater Denis Ten

    Thousands gathered to pay their respects to Denis Ten at memorials across Kazakhstan. Ten put the country on the figure skating map when he won bronze at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. He was the first Kazakh skater ever to win an Olympic medal. The 25-year-old was stabbed to death in broad daylight in the city

  • Joyful scenes as Unified Korean table tennis team wins historic title

    JANG Woojin from South Korea and CHA Hyo Sim from North Korea claimed an historic Mixed Doubles title at the ITTF World Tour Korea Open in Shinhan, South Korea. They became the first unified Korean sports team to win a title since 1991. 🤯🤯 Pure ecstasy as the United Korea Pair of Jang Woojin & Cha Hyo Sim brought the house

  • Esports player Jake Lyon talking to the Olympic Channel
    Jake Lyon: The Overwatch League player who found happiness in Esports

    Jake Lyon, a professional Overwatch League player, is already an Esports veteran at 21 years old. Over 40 million people have purchased Overwatch, making the game’s leading protagonists such as Lyon, who plays for the Houston Outlaws franchise, global icons. The American also has represented his country in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, many

  • Olympians in Action: Where to Catch the Stars This Weekend

    The World Cup is over but the action is continuing. Old rivals meet this weekend at the world’s top competitions in beach volleyball, rugby sevens and hockey; while tensions dissolve in Korea as table tennis players from North and South reunite once again. Unified Again: Koreans Compete at ITTF Korea Open North and South Korea

  • Chloe Kim
    Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim raps at ESPYs afterparty

    We all know Chloe Kim is an incredible snowboarder. But did you know she can rap too? That’s right. The 18-year-old American showed off her skills at the ESPYs afterparty, rocking the mic during G-Eazy’s performance of “No Limit.” so this went down last night with G-Eazy hahaha — Chloe Kim (@ChloeKim) July 19,

  • Фигурист Денис Тен, Сочи 2014
    Подозреваемый в убийстве Олимпийского фигуриста Дениса Тена признал вину

    Как сообщают власти Казахстана, один из подозреваемых в смерти олимпийского фигуриста Дениса Тена, признал свою вину. В четверг 25-летний спортсмен получил ножевые ранения в драке с двумя мужчинами, которые пытались украсть зеркала с его автомобиля в центре Алматы. Впоследствии Тен скончался в больнице. Прокурор Алматы Берик Жуйриктаев заявил, что по подозрению в убийстве был задержан

  • Фигурист Денис Тен, Сочи 2014
    Suspect in death of Olympic figure skater Denis Ten confesses

    One of the suspects in the death of Olympic figure skater Denis Ten has confessed, said Kazakhstan authorities. The 25-year old died on Thursday after being stabbed during an altercation with two men who were trying to steal rear-view mirrors from his car in central Almaty. The arrested man was identified as Nuraly Kiyasov, a

  • Денис Тен
    Не стало казахстанского олимпийского фигуриста Дениса Тена

    В возрасте 25 лет умер бронзовый призер Сочи 2014 по фигурному катанию Денис Тен. Национальный Олимпийский Комитет Республики Казахстан подтвердил его смерть в четверг. По информации российского информационного агентства ТАСС, на фигуриста напали двое неизвестных, которые пытались украсть зеркала с его автомобиля. ТАСС сообщает, что конфликт быстро перерос в драку и Тен получил тяжелые ножевые

  • Денис Тен
    Olympic figure skater Denis Ten of Kazakhstan has died

    Sochi 2014 figure skating bronze medallist Denis Ten has died at the age of 25. The National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan confirmed his death on Thursday. The Kazakh skater was reportedly attacked and stabbed by two unknown men trying to steal mirrors from his car, according to Russian news agency TASS. The incident quickly escalated,